Can I Make Substitutions?

The Short Answer

It’s possible that we can make a substitution or leave something off. Please ask. Please ask before you order. The easiest and quickest way to get an answer is to Open a Support Ticket.

The Long Answer

Food is not always a “one size fits all.” We get that and we want to make food happen for you.

Most of the time, substitutions are easy. For instance, if you prefer more cucumbers on your Garden Salad but no tomatoes, we can do that with no problem. Or maybe you want you make your Loaded Mashed Cauliflower vegetarian and need us to leave off the bacon. That’s totally doable! Leave a note in the “Additional Information” box on the checkout page.

Sometimes, though, substitutions and omissions are not possible because we’ll likely be preparing your dish along with some extras to put into our case. If the substitution is an integral part of the recipe and will affect the rest of the batch, we won’t be able to accommodate it.

These Items are ‘Design Your Own’ – Enjoy!

Catering & Family Meals

Design Your Own Crustless Quiche



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