How Much Food Do I Need to Buy?

64 Ounce Container of Mashed Potatoes? 3# of Herb Roasted Turkey? What Does that Mean?

You want to have plenty of food for your guests but you also don’t want o purchase more than you need which wastes money and food! Here are a few tips to help you figure out how to walk that line of enough but not too much.

The Rule of Thumb

On each item on our menu, you’ll see a serving number estimation. We’ve calculated this based on the number of portions that are in the container. A portion is generally 6-8 ounces per person for meats and 4-6 ounces per person for sides.

But how much you actually need depends on a number of factors that can only be decided by your particular situation. So, here are some of those factors that will either increase or decrease the standard portion.

How many other dishes are you serving?
The more variety you have out of the table, the less of each item people will tend to eat.

What are the other dishes?
People tend to eat more carbs (potatoes, rice & pasta) than they do vegetables.

Are you feeding men, women or children?
Men eat more meat and carbs (potatoes, rice & pasta) and fewer vegetables than women. Women eat more salad than men. Children’s portions can range from half to whole depending on age. And with kid-pleasing dishes like Macaroni & Cheese, kids will tend to eat more of those or maybe even just that!

What’s the venue?
At a buffet, people will put more on their plate than at a sit-down table meal. People eat more at a barbecue event than at a wedding – especially if it’s an evening wedding that’s also serving alcohol.

Who are the people?
You know your family and friends better than anyone. Do they tend to celebrate with more food or less food?

Items Sold by the Container

If the description says black and gold container, it looks like this and is 11″x9″ (1½” deep) and holds 64 fluid ounces. It’s oven safe (without the lid) and sturdy and attractive enough to place right onto the table. Other appropriate containers are used and we give the size on the item.

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