SC Real Foods Launches Bakery & Catering Online

It’s Been a Long Time Coming

The ability to purchase full-size baked goods, desserts, meals and catering trays has been the single most requested service from our customers. And we’re so excited to be able to present this opportunity to you. Now you can serve your guests, family and business real food that’s homemade and tastes great.


Full Size Desserts – Including Diabetic & Keto

Since our beginning in Pee Dee Christian Book & Supply in 2011, we’ve offered homemade cookies and various desserts. These have always been in smaller serving sizes of one or two. Over the years these items have become very popular. Since the move in 2018 to our new location, we added a full-sized kitchen. And we’re ready to make FULL use of it! Now, you can order a whole cake or dessert.

Your options for real HOMEMADE desserts that deliver FLAVOR instead of just sweetness and harmless food dyes mixed in hydrogenated fat are not many in our area. So, we’re so proud to offer delicious alternatives for your holidays and celebrations.

And did you know that we have SCORED THE MARKET on Diabetic-friendly & Keto-friendly sugar free desserts? If that fits your dietary need, you can now order a dozen muffins to store in your freezer. And if you know someone who can’t have sugar & carbs, our desserts make excellent gifts.


Catering & Family Meals

In 2017 we partnered with Victors Restaurant downtown. They very graciously lent us their talent and expertise to help us launch our Real & Ready Meal Prep business. Everything is now prepared in-house. You can find rows and rows of little black meal prep boxes in our cases which are individual serving sizes of homemade entrees, meats and sides. Like our bakery desserts, these feed one or two people each.

Now, you can order our meats by the pound and sides that will feed 8-10 people. OH YEAH!

Instead of cooking, order ahead to feed your family – the cost per person is so much lower than ordering out traditional restaurant food. AND you may even have leftovers. If you’re having guests over, let us take the stress off of you – serve them homemade, healthy food that they’ll really appreciate.


Deli & Lunch Boxes

There’s nothing like a REAL lunch. If you’re a business providing lunch for your employees, business guests or a meeting, consider our lunch boxes and sandwich trays. We use our own homemade bread which makes a huge difference. Stand out from the usual and serve real food.


And There’s More Coming

If you don’t see what you want on our current menu, but you know that we already make it in the store, please ask. We may be able to prepare it for you and add it to our menu. Our current menu is just a starting place and we anticipate adding many new bakery, meal and even deli items as we get rolling.

AND! Come look around in the store because you’ll very likely find more and more full-sized baked goods and meal options available in-store without the need to preorder.

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