Homemade Hot Soup

Ready to taste the BEST soup in Florence? Here’s why you’ll love it

  • Available hot all day long – dinner’s done
  • 100% made from scratch with love
  • Organic broth for a healthy boost
  • Over 30 tasty options, always rotating
  • Dine in or grab it to go
  • Can’t get enough? Take it home frozen too!

Indulge in a cup, bowl, or even a quart of our famous homemade soup.

  • Bowl comes with a bread wedge
  • Quart includes not one, but TWO bread wedges

Today's Soups

Want to know what amazing food we have in stock? Don’t waste any time, just browse our cases online, order, and conveniently pick up your favorites. It’s so easy to breeze in and snag those goodies!

We use real food ingredients in our dishes and cook from scratch. You get all the convenience of pre-made food without sacrificing any taste or nutrition. It’s basically like having your own personal chef right in your own home. How awesome is that?

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Wednesday, November 29

Cold Salads & Deli in stock now

Peck Away Cafe Specials This Week

Enjoy a mouthwatering combination of blackened antibiotic-free white meat chicken and smoked sausage on a bed of penne pasta. Our pasta is coated in a lightly spiced Cajun cream for a burst of flavor. The dish is served with our Strawberry Side Salad, and a beverage of your choice is included.

Enjoy a delicious combination of smoked sausage and shrimp grilled to perfection, served with a medley of Celebration Veg including peppers, onions, squash, zucchini, broccoli, and cauliflower. Don’t forget, a refreshing beverage is included with your meal.

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