Peck Away Cafe Lunch Menu
Available Mon - Fri
11AM - 3PM

Lunch Menu

Available Monday – Friday
11AM – 3PM


Cold Brew Iced Coffee

Locally roasted, ground & brewed in Hartsville by Cashua Coffee, our 20oz Cold Brew hits the spot in the morning or at the afternoon lull. Choose your cream & sweetener.


Tractor Beverage Fountain

20oz cup of Tractor Beverage (Certified Organic, Non-GMO) from our cold bubbler. For best freshness, fill when you pick up.


Boylan Soda Fountain

20oz cup of Boylan cane sugar soda from our fountain. For best freshness, fill when you pick up. Choose Cola, Black Cherry, Root Beer, Creme Soda, Lemon Lime, Ginger Ale or Lemonade.


Iced Tea

20oz cup of House blend of organic English breakfast tea & orange pekoe black tea with ice. Sweet tea sweetened with organic cane sugar.


Boylan Bottle - Cold

Let us grab an icy cold Bolyan soda for you. Skip the corn syrup and enjoy cane sugar soda as a better alternative. 10 flavors to choose from! 12oz bottle. Twist off top.

Zevia Soda Can - Cold

The better-for-you alternative to conventional sodas and diet sodas, Zevia Soda has all the flavor you crave, with zero artificial sweeteners. Sweetened with plant-derived stevia leaf extract. Always zero calories, zero sugar and naturally sweetened. Served Cold.

Zevia Iced Tea - Cold

Zevia Organic Tea is USDA Organic and brewed with Fair Trade Certified Tea. Sweetened with organic stevia leaf instead of sugar, so they’re always zero calorie, sugar free.

Pure Bottled Water - Cold

Steam distilled ultra pure bottled water. 20oz served cold.




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